Top 14 awkward mistakes to comments on blog posts

Top 14 awkward mistakes to comments on blog posts

Do you see a message when you comment on other people blog? “Your comment is awaiting approval”

Comments on blog posts are a good way to engage with the audience but many fail to do so in the right manner.

Either their comment is deleted or approved after a month or so.

So why your comments on blog posts usually get rejected or spammed while there are many people whose comments are approved instantly.

A simple answer is they follow a correct pattern which helps them to express their views with blog audience.

But don’t get frustrated…

Getting more comments on blog post is difficult in beginning but it paves of in future.

Here are 25 big mistakes that you can avoid to enjoy the beauty of writing comments on blog posts.

25 Big mistakes of writing comments on blog posts

1. Use of fake gravatar image

I have seen many people in the comments section who use their fake profile image. This may be because they want to hide their identity from family members or boss.

Without such reasons, you don’t need to use a fake image. This creates doubt in the mind of readers and they give less attention to it.

This also prevents you from making relation with the people as nobody wants to talk to an anonymous person.

2. Not using an image at all

In the worst case, people don’t use an image at all. This seems very vague and unattractive and these people tend to get less traction than others.

Top 14 awkward mistakes to comments on blog posts

So, use a proper image. It can be your casual selfie but at least try to put any.

3. Using Nick or Fake Names

Have you come across people who use their fake name?

Well, I came many of them.

A question for them, “Why are you doing this man? You are just repelling people away from you!”

Unless you have an obvious reason, try not to use your nick or fake name as this is similar like hitting your feet with an ax.

I had been approached by many people from others blog, as they saw my name in the comments and as the author of some articles.

You can also cash on this opportunity if you avoid this brutal mistake.

You have to provide value to the people reading comments.

By value, I don’t mean putting links in your comments and redirection them to your blog, landing page or any sales page.

You should not use more than 2 or 3 if you require them much.

In my opinion, don’t use links in the comments at all as nobody wants to leave the current page?

If they liked your content so much then they will reach out to you by your profile’s website or just by googling your name.

5. Writing Comments without reading Post

This seems to be hilarious but many people who are on the mission of promotion tend to comment on each and every post without reading the post.

Yeah, they might be right. “Who wants to spend 10 min reading the post whereas they could give 3 more comments at the same time?”

So, I would suggest you read the post first and then comment. That way you would be able to sketch the comment properly.

6. Over-Optimizing your comment with keywords

Ahhh… who does keyword optimization for comments?

Yep, people do it so that their comment can be read by the search engine.

It was a mystery that when nothing is available for the user when they search, then search engines provide results on the basis of discussion, threads, and comments.

But in today’s world, the internet is stuffed with more than required knowledge so don’t expect your comment will be seen in search engines rather focus on users interest.

Keyword optimization can be good if you don’t kill user experience otherwise you are wasting your time as well as of readers.

7. Incorrect Email Address

I can’t say people do it intentionally but they do it.

Suppose, you changed your email address? Maybe you forget the email address that you were using in the past? When transferring website, you forget to transfer the email addresses?

This can be due to various reasons but you have to update your profile regularly so that you don’t lose potential customers.

I faced a similar issue, when my email was labeled spam due to hosting provider issues, as a result, I was not receiving email from people.

So, you have to regularly check your email addresses.

8. Leaving Comments on every Blog posts

Many comment marketers tend to comment on every post they see either it is related to their niche/industry or not. In the hope of getting a single click.

But I tell you, it just didn’t work.

You need to check the post that is related to your industry, this will help you in getting authority among the audience in that niche.

You have to be selective in giving comments on blog posts, this will help you more rather giving comments on random posts.

9. Asking Questions and not giving value

Generally, people ask questions in the comments which helps the author to engage and get some content ideas for its future blog posts.

But it will not help you according to me. Because people would take you as a newbie in that industry and it will give a negative impression of your company.

But I am not saying to not ask any question.

Some people craft question in such a superb manner that people think “what he is asking Man? I didn’t know about it!”

In short, try to ask professional questions instead of general and vague ones.

10. Incorrect use of comment pattern

 Some people use an incorrect pattern when crafting comments. They simply start writing a comment without knowing what the actual steps they should cover are.

Basically, the process of writing a comment is divided into three main parts.

In the first part, you give regular greeting like “Hello or Hi” so that the author might not think you lack values.

Then, you give words of appreciation and some more information you wanted to add in to give value to other readers.

In the last step, you give a promise to the author like “This content is worth sharing, and I am doing it now!”

A blog post from kevin explains it more.

Going through these steps will help you craft comment in a professional way.

11. Commenting on the old posts

One of the worse practice is commenting blindly on older blog posts.

This can be helpful in some evergreen topics but generally, most of the topic doesn’t get much attention in the shape of comment when they get older.

So, write an early comment so anyone who writes a comment, later on, will be able to see your comment. This way your comment will receive more engagement.

12. Using Comments for promotion

One of the worse practice is to use comments as a source of promotions. It can be in the forms of getting more views on your blog or selling a product (even worse).

Try to avoid these, as you will be portrayed as spam. You can recommend some product but that shouldn’t be your affiliate product or your own.

13. Using Strong Persuasive Language

People love to be persuaded in a manner that they don’t know they are being persuaded.

As a general rule, people quit when they see strong use of language in any field.

This general rule also applies here, so don’t use aggressive language because people hate dictation.

Either you should explain in such a manner that people ask you to share more on that topic.

14. Telling Long Stories

On the last tip…

Don’t tell long fairytale if they don’t have any connection with what you are saying.

This is fact people love to listen to your stories, but don’t take this as an opportunity to craft a pitch.

Rather you should add value to the reader so it might be helpful for them and create long term relationship.

Bonus: Good practices for comments on blog posts

You might though, “Now I have learned what should I not do but can you please tell what I should do”

Yeah, of course. Here are some tips:

1. Warm Greeting

As discussed before, you should start with an encouraging greeting like Howdy if you are feeling classy.

Giving a warm greeting tends to increase the chances of the writer replying to your comment.

2. Appreciating their effort

You should know this fact that the post you just read was written by some human, not a robot unless it was spun content but it is a rare chance.

So, appreciating not only increases the motivational level of the author but you will also feel good with the response of the writer.

In some cases, you might not like the post content. But you should make appreciation as your habit as it takes a lot of pains in serving the content to the readers.

In this scenario, you can say something like this,” I loved the tips that you shared in the post, but I would love these two tips X and Y in your post”

This might help the writer to get more ideas and update the content.

3. Add more value to other readers

The general aim of comments is providing value to the reader.

By, making it your first priority. You will surely enjoy the love and affection you receive from the people and it will greatly help you in the longer run.

4. Contribute in other comments

Sometimes other people ask vague or very basic questions. You can help them by giving the answer.

This will make you a knowledgeable person in front of them and you will be highlighted in front of the author which helps in creating guest post opportunities on that blog in the future.

5. Giving Promise

Everyone loves a loyal audience and so as the author. Try to give back something to the writer as a gesture of appreciation like sharing the post on social media.

This will greatly help in building a relationship with the writer.

Wrapping it up…

Giving comments on blog posts is very simple yet it demands sincerity.

Try to create value to the readers and helping the author reach out to many people should be your primary focus.

Yes, you need some hard work in getting the attention but it is not that difficult as it just requires commitment.

Hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below…


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