5 ultimate ways to get paid by writing

get paid by writing

Who doesn’t want to get some extra cash to pay their monthly bills and wave-off their debt?

Beside many earning sources and platform, the simplest one is “Get paid by Writing”.

Everyone has a hidden writer among themselves, so why not make this writer earn for you?

I started my career as a freelance writer while working for small businessmen which hardly earn me little to no money as I had little to no experience at that time.

But as I grew and get experience, my earning got hugely increased which helped me to wave-off my online expenses.

In this post, I won’t give you a bunch of websites to try your luck there instead I will give you some path that you can explore to start your own journey “Get paid by Writing”.

But before, some questions might be teasing you like:

How much time did it get for me to be there?

Well, I tell you this no gets rich quick scheme nor it will help you become a millionaire overnight (obviously you can become but it will take some time like any other career).

Like any other career, the starting is like a newborn baby for which you can’t expect to run.

To be honest with you, it took me around 1 and a half year to get there, but keep in mind that I had several other projects going back then, so I gave it less attention which was required.

As a good example, Elna Cain and Holly Johnson, who earn around million just from freelance writing? Moreover, they got there way quicker than me 🙂

The next question…

Writer demands are decreasing due to robots and many other freelancers?

Big NO! In fact, according to recent studies of income reports by Payoneer, the demand for writers increased considerably in the last few years because companies now know the worth of writing for their business as it helps in attracting a huge audience.

The earning scope in writing is immense. You can charge easily $ 100-150 for 2500 word article in the beginning stages which can increase up to $1200 for a single piece depending on your skills and writing experience.

But to keep the wheels rolling, you have to accept few low-paying jobs and vampire clients( who wastes your time and effort) in the beginning, but you can easily get rid of them after some time.

I remember my first client who paid me $15 for 1500 words blog post, it was surely low wage but it boosted my confidence which helped me a lot in the upcoming days.

Hmm! here is the next one…

What are the top skills required to be a good freelance writer?

This is a very good question as people often get confused about this.

The most in-demand skill in the market are content writing, copywriting, academic writing, technical writing, business, legal writing and blog post/article writing.

You can easily get training of any of the above skills on Youtube or any course out there.

I would strongly suggest choosing anyone and at-most two skill in which you are more interested and have some basic knowledge as well.

You can surely try some skills in which you have no basic knowledge but passion is mandatory. By passion I mean you will enjoy writing every day for 2 years without getting bored or tired ( An ideal case).

You can learn from free and paid courses on Udemy and Lynda. Also, search your skill in the google like, “Content Writing” + “Free Training” and you will get results. You can try out different keywords to get more results.

Now, let us begin our mission “How to get paid by writing”.

I hope you have been following by now…

1. Starting a Blog

Like other mentors, I would strongly suggest you start your own blog.

Starting your own blog will help you to showcase your talent to your clients aka Portfolio.

Besides this, the biggest advantage is that it will your home for the people who are searching for your online presence.

Think like that, people search your name in the google and they find nothing 🙁

Starting a blog is very easy and affordable nowadays but you can also opt for the free ones like wordpress.com, bloggers, and medium as something is better than nothing.

In the dry days of freelance writing (mostly in the beginning), you can just post on your own blog and attract a loyal audience which might include your future clients.

But one thing to be kept in mind, you can surely earn from blogging alone but it will take some time, effort and patience in the beginning.

So, I would strongly suggest starting a blog and freelance writing side by side, as this would help you get regular pays and at the same time you would become a successful blogger.

If you want to know how freelancers work?

Then continue reading…

2. Becoming a freelance writer

To become a freelancer, you don’t require any upfront cost (some platform do cost but I don’t recommend you to START from there).

You just need some time writing a persuasive cold or hot (my term 🙂 ) pitches and then writing articles after contract.

In the beginning, you will face some unanswered emails, maybe rejection or just a worse message that your writing was PATHETIC.

I hope you won’t receive the above last message as often clients don’t say so. If you received then simply remember me as I receive 22( dead sure) messages like that but they didn’t hold me back as I kept on improving myself.

Getting your first client would be hard, as nobody wants to hire a newbie (their mindset). But when you get your first client, you can easily show that work in your portfolio and your orders ball will start to move.

What is the minimum time required to kick-start?

There is no specific time duration to start earning from freelance writing, some of my friends got their clients in their first month, some took 3 months whereas I took 6 months:), you will always find me at the end.

But don’t associate your first order with the upcoming orders as from now onwards orders will come quickly.

There are actually two paths when you will start freelancing

  1. Self Freelancing
  2. Joining Job boards

Both have their pros and cons. In the beginning, ideally, you won’t have an audience so it would be difficult to get clients directly. But as you grow, you would receive direct clients which will pay higher and you would get permanent work.

On the other hand, there are few job posting site Upwork and Fiverr which let you display your services in front of employees.

The problem with these is a lot of people are competing for a bid which results in low wage and tough competition even if you lower your price.

I would suggest posting regularly on these site hoping to get good clients and at the same time try services like Problogger, BloggingPro, FreelanceWriting as they have some quality measures and are some hidden sites from the massive crowd.

3. Ghost Writing Services

Are you familiar with this term?

I know it is bit vague term but it means that a freelancer will write for the client but when the article is published, the by-line will include the name of your client instead of yours.

Who want ghostwriters?

Many famous writers receive a lot of work that they cannot handle to feed their audience.

At the same time, they can’t afford to lose people. So, they decide to opt for the services of a person that can write for them in their tone.

In return, they offer good pay and freelancers enjoy working closely with them. These contracts are usually long-term as nobody wants to switch between freelancers.

But why? This is a huge loss! As I cannot showcase that work in my portfolio?

Yeah, you are absolutely right. But here are two benefits:

  1. For these projects, clients usually pay much more than normal freelance writing. The pay is around 10-15 % higher. This can actually help you in getting your funds in order and who don’t love some extra bucks.
  2. As many clients are themselves writers so you will enjoy working closely with them and you would know the actual process which top writers take in publishing great content. This will help you to improve your skills.

Now, let us see the major losses:

  1. As discussed, you won’t be able to represent it as your own work as you have granted the rights to the client. That means, when you see your content getting praise, you would be regretting.
  2. You cannot build up relation with the audience as they don’t know you. In fact, they know your writing but not you.
  3. This is unethical as your client is actually deceiving the audience for the sake of engagements.

Final Verdict…

In the end, I would recommend you to do some ghostwriting as it will help you in building relationships with top writers and at the same time, you will earn a handsome amount of money.

Moreover, try to take some normal freelance project to attract more potential clients.

4. Get paid by writing for Publications

There are a lot of publications like Medium, LinkedIn, Quora and Reddit. They are good platforms in getting a fan following.

But, are they good for your business?

Many people raise concerns about these platforms. But I generally take them a good choice for the people who are starting out.

They are free to use and have a good reputation. Unlike agencies, they have a bigger business so they tend to protect their business by providing unbiased services to both parties.

These platforms also give you a chance to improve your skills by seeing what others are doing. So, there is a good learning curve.

Many people love to read on these platforms and regard them as an authentic source. So, your writing can reach out to millions of people in very less time.

A very important thing, your own blog can take some time in taking off the ground but these mediums provide you good initial boost and in some cases, your post can rank higher in search engines since these sites have a good global ranking.

5. Get paid by writing for Agencies

While searching for jobs, you might have come across some agencies who hire many freelancers for their customers.

Generally, these agencies provide services to those people who avoid getting in touch with freelancers directly. So, they give the task of providing exact results to the agencies which take the rest of the quality checks and payment process.

As agencies are also in business, they cut some amount form both sides.

The benefits of working with the agencies are that you don’t have to worry about the payment process (Due Date, Fake Client, Invoices) while you just have to focus on your work.

These agencies provide a good platform for the beginners but as you grow big they will surely not be a good choice.

Like, they cut a handsome amount of commission. You can’t contact clients directly as they want to protect their business. Many people will be opting for the job, while the rates will be lower. They rank freelancers in terms of ranking, which provide growth limitation for beginners.

Final Verdict…

Try their services as you would be getting experience. When you get good at writing, you can then opt for self-freelancing.

But be aware of some scam agencies, I have come across some of them who don’t pay after giving the work done which is very depressing. Try to look for their reviews on google, as somebody would have written something about them.

Wrapping it up…

It doesn’t matter whether you choose blogging or freelancing. The thing which matters is how far you stick to it.

I have seen many able writers who just quit too soon before results have revealed. You have to be passionate about what you are doing and believe in yourself that your efforts will not go in vain and you will see the results.

Personally, I would like you to be a freelance writer and blogger both as I did the same because it opens a wide range of opportunities for you to grab upon.

Share your thoughts in the comment and tell which path you would like to go? with reasons.


get paid by writing

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