7 amazing ideas for blogging in 2019


Have you ever struck while blogging and thinking what to blog about?

No worries this problem is faced by many bloggers, so I will show you some free method and sources to get ideas for blogging.

What is the content creation process which you follows, let me know in the comments as I am curious about it.

I have been in the situation where I just pluck my hairs and look here and there thinking, Is anything left to blog about?

More than 27% of the internet is not explored yet, so you just need a good planner to plan everything ahead of time so that you aren’t short of anything.

Important: All methods are tested by me personally and are different from the general perspective. So, kindly read the full article to avoid guesswork. These methods might seem crazy at the time but surely you will love them and will have tons of ideas for blogging…
Let us start wCurith the first tactic:

1. Curation ideas for blogging

This technique is used by most of the top writers. But what actually this means?


I’ll tell you, this technique is the same as competitors analysis. Just look around at what your competitors are doin, most of the time they will be way ahead of you if they comprised of a group of people.

Are you telling me to just copy what others are doing or steal other efforts?

Hell No, in fact, I strongly condemn it.

The point is you should look for the content of your competitors which is performing well or is recently added and look for the keyword which they are targeting.

How can I find those keywords?

If you have access to premium SEO tools like ahrefs and SEMrush then just copy that page’s exact URL and paste it. They will give you a list of keywords which they are targeting in their post.

But if you are going for a free tool, then use Google Keyword Word Planner. This performs the same function. It will give you a list of keywords, just export them in CSV format and then remove unnecessary keywords by just filtering them from the top of each column.

Just take 2-3 high volume and lower completion keywords and you are done.

Now move to the next step.

2. Google Autocomplete and Related Search Features


In the next step, enter your keyword in the google search by visiting their global page.

Wait, global search page? You have mistaken badly?

Hahahaha, not her. As you had noticed google usually redirects the google.com to your country’s URL like google.com.eu or whatever.

Just enter this URL google.com/ncr

NCR means “No Country Redirect” and then you will get the global version of Google homepage.

Coming-back to our mission, now enter the keyword and don’t press enter and let google complete it. It will give you some more keywords to target.

Furthermore, you will also find the keywords at the end of the first page after pressing the enter key.

Anas, you are just telling us the keyword research. Yeah, that’s true, but these keywords are actually topics which you will be covering in your next blog post. Just write a good article targeting any of one these and you are good to go.

Next step is relatively the same but you can use it differently according to yours.

3.Ubersuggest Ideas For Blogging


Most of you have heard this name before for keyword research but it is also for content research.

Put your keyword in the bar and from left menu head over to content ideas tab.

Generally, this gives you a list of keywords from google but it is much simpler to use it moreover you can also visit those top-performing page and read the content to get the more in-depth ideas.

It will also show you the pages which are mostly shared on social channels like Facebook and Pinterest.

4. Buzzsumo


This tool is used by many experts for content research. It gives you the most sharable content out there.

What is the purpose of looking at most sharable content? Does this guarantee that our content will receive the same shares?

Not sure,  actually this tool gives you the great ideas for blogging which you can implement to create viral content for receiving an instant boost to your traffic and highlighting your content in the eyes of search engines.

Just visit those pages, by then you must have got plenty to write about.

I am confused a lot and I wasn’t able to find any of them.

Don’t worry, I was in a similar situation before…

Just read the full article as upcoming methods are relatively easy to perform, and they will surely provide some more ideas for blogging.

5. Online Forums


There are plenty of forms out there in every field, just reach out to them and see what people are facing a problem and what are the questions which are not answered.

You can use Quora for this purpose, as tons of questions are asked daily, you not only answer them but can also write an instant article about them and provide a link in your answers.

This way you not only have got the content ideas but also cracked simple method of promoting them.

Just keep in mind, always answer or write about those questions which are followed by most and answered less. They are the real gems.

You can also use Reddit for this purpose as they are generally same but keep in mind that you have to provide actual value to the reader instead of spamming them, likewise you will get banned from those sites.

Also, if you want to speed up your writing process, just follow my ultimate guide and you will end up speeding your workflow by 110%.

6. Analysing Google Trends


This was an old school technique used by many writers. It has lost its importance in recent times but no one can deny its actual worth.

Just head over to their trending section and select your niche or industry in which you are in. This will give you the topics and stories which are trending most. Just do the keyword research for it and write quickly before anyone does.

You can also put your previous searched words here, and it will give you its trends this way you will secure the future of your article.

7. Reviews of Products and Services

This the last tips before my bonus tip.

Look around the tools and services you are using or others in your industry are using. Create a detailed review covering nitty-gritty details so that readers can relish them.

This step provides limitless ideas for blogging as you must have came across many products and services that are worth telling your audience.

Not to mention, you can also earn some cash if you convince people to buy from your affiliate link. These were all the useful tips which I used in my early days and surely this will help you a lot.

At last, it’s a bonus tip that might be helpful…

Bonus Tip: Social Networks

You might don’t know the actual worth of social sites. Head over to twitter to find things in the trending section. You will find something to write about.

You can also use youtube as it is growing at a rapid pace. But here generally, you will find entertainment topics to be trending. But if you are in this field, you can surely leverage it.

Pinterest is another top social platform and search engine which can give you topics as well as traffic if your primary focus is Pinterest traffic.

I hope you have found the method which suits you best…

Kindly share it with others, this way you will help those who are facing this problem…


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