9 Unspoken Secrets how to become a Successful Blogger

9 Unspoken Secrets how to become a Successful Blogger

Soon after starting a blog, the first thought comes is how to become a successful blogger?

It is not about luck rather there are certain practices which are proved by many top bloggers over time.

The fundamental requirement is willpower and self-determination. If you believe in yourself that you are going in the right direction, then you will not be distracted away from your life goals.

Before going further, let us discuss…

What does success means in how to become a successful blogger?

This totally depends on you, for most people success means $100, 1000 a year (which is fine). For other, crossing 10M insta followers in success.

So this is a subjective question, but success is always a success, no matter how small or big it is.

If you are satisfied with the results you are getting, then this is a real satisfaction that no one else can give you.

Another question…

Who are successful bloggers?

There is no one associated as a successful blogger; rather, people tell that he/she is a successful blogger.

I met hundreds of top bloggers who don’t even regard them as a top/successful blogger.

Successful bloggers are the one who sticks to their plans and cares none for others, talking them mad or foolish.

They just believe in themselves that they can do it.

Success doesn’t come easy way and you have to put something that others aren’t.

And you know what, it’s a hard and never-ending the journey. The people who have achieved haven’t stopped working rather they put on more hard work to see more great results.

You would be thinking…

Man! I had come here for some actionable tips and you are just demoralizing us!

No, not at all. My aim is to tell, you are not alone having this question…

Success is the measure of your internal satisfaction which others can’t judge.


Let’s talk about 9 actionable tips that you were waiting anxiously.

1.Choosing the right blogging platform

A lot of people ask what is the right blogging platform?

Well, the short answer is self-hosted wordpress.org site.

Long answer; besides many blogging platforms out there like Medium, WordPress.com, Blogger which are good if you are looking for a free blogging start.

But, they will be put serious limits as you grow. In fact, you can’t grow big. I don’t mean that you can not grow as many successful bloggers are out there but they have taken a lot more time then they would with their own site.

Your personal site is very helpful in terms of earning as if you are planning to sell your digital or physical products, Selling services, subscription digital tool, running your ads, etc. You will find yourself at ease with lots of tools made solely for WordPress users to help them grow big.

Besides that, you have full control over your site in terms of design and layout. You will love working on-site in which you will add forms of your choices, embed CTAs and collect leads.

I cannot further emphasis on the importance of your own site.

2. Framing your perfect niche

I receive a lot of email from people asking can I change my niche now? As I now not interested in it at all!

This happens when you choose your niche on other recommendation saying “This niche is more popular among the audience and have great earning scope”.

They are wrong. Every niche is a popular niche and has the capability of earning. But they usually differ in their approach of making that.

Example, In health and Nutrition, it would be difficult to sell courses as compared to selling affiliated pharmaceutical drugs, same goes for Tech New related niche.

So, choose a niche in which you are interested the most and will continually write for several years before getting bored or tired.

And most important, choose a niche in which you have the knowledge or have certain experience as it will help you a lot in reaching the pain points of readers.

In short, niche is top preference on how to become a successful blogger.

3. Always being yourself

Why are you blogging in the world overloaded with tons of knowledge?

Here come the actual meaning of blogging, every blogger has its own way of talk that is totally different from the crowd of others.

That means every blogger has its own image in front of the audience. So, my advice to you would be not to copy other top bloggers as your audience can easily judge and there is no way of reading the content of writer having no self-image.

In that way, you would build your audience and that would help you a lot in the longer run.

4. Passionate about blogging

Every blogger is passionate after reading the guide on how to become a successful blogger?

But what is after that…

Soon their passion settles like soap foam 🙂

‘If you want to become a successful blogger, you have to be passionate about what you are doing’

You need to be ready for hardships and tough time and your passion should reflect in your writing which would help you in persuading the reader.

5. Add value to the reader

How many of you read a whole blog post regarding some problem and in the end, you are still asking what can I do now?

This is where the actual purpose of a blog post comes in.

You have to respect readers who have allocated time for your content for the solution of their problem.

You have to answer each question which you think would come in the mind of the reader.

This is the main reason of higher bounce that eventually hurt your SERPs rankings.

And if you are solving people problems, you would eventually become an authority and go-to site for your reader and this would help you a lot in terms of selling product or service in future as they build trust in you and your content.

6. Reading other content

It goes with the famous saying,

“A good writer is always a good reader”

Reading other writer content will not only help you in getting information what is trending at present stage but also it would help you to gain more knowledge.

I spend most of my time reading other content that I came by and subscribing to their newsletter.

In fact, I have allocated small funds from my income which I spend on buying premium stuff like ebooks and courses. So, I would strongly suggest you invest some time and money reading others content.

7. Research-based content

A lot of publishers publish content when they want to. They lack proper research which is not appreciated by readers at all.

They want some authentic information and not your stories without any outcome.

So, if you have read other content it would be a lot easier for you to link to that authority site.

Most of the time, readers usually don’t open that site but they just want it.

If you are giving some suggestions, link it back to some case study or blog post of some famous site. You can check my guide of research based content.

It is proved that most viral or shareable content of there on the web is actually an authority base content. In short, this type of content is shared by people a lot more than others.

8. Engaging with your audience

Have you noticed many top bloggers engage with their audience in the comment section while replying to each comment?

I know they have staff who takes care of it, but you can imagine the importance of this engagement.

Think, why would anyone hire staff for just comment moderations and replying as a VA.

Same goes the case with social media. Top bloggers have hired their social media team which take care of marketing and engaging with the audience.

In the beginning, you won’t require any staff rather you can do it alone, a friend or any automation tool.

So, I would highly emphasize engaging with your audience in different means not limited to social media, comments, forums, interviews and much more.

9. Collaboration with another Content creator

In the past, it used to be the good technique in getting backlinks from authority site and it is still used today but due to several updates in search engines algorithm, backlinks have lost their importance in today’s time as it used to be.

But collaboration with others hasn’t stopped yet.

It is a great way of seeking the attention of the recipients’ audience and a huge plus in getting new visitors to your site.

If you are looking for a guest post opportunity, then this technique will help in getting them.

A lot of people ask me to share their post mentioning my post in it with my audience, and I usually share it while closely monitoring their content.

So, collaborating and engaging with other writers helps in increasing your traffic and building fan following.

Not to mention I got my first freelance client by reference from another blogger 🙂

To Sum Up…

Technique on how to become a successful blogger does not require any super luck but it is associated with how you progress in your blogging career.

Just follow the above steps and you would be a successful blogger, it would definitely take some time but you have been patient to ripe the fruits of blogging.

Share your thoughts in the comments below, I would gladly answer them.


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