AboutHi, I am Anas.

Why are you writing even when everything is available online and in bulk?

I know many websites have gained credibility online as they provide very good researched content which is very helpful. Even I read many top writers as a hobby.

But the problem which I faced and many of you would be facing is that these are old companies which started in the early days of the internet so they are unaware of actual problems which are faced by newbies in this competitive environment. They think according to their perspective which is not wrong at all but it doesn’t help either.

You will not get rich quick schemes in my blog as I have been a victim of those survey site blah blah and yeah there are many which are good but I failed in finding them. Let me know I you know already.:=)

You will get the latest actionable tips from me in earning online, the website traffic and affiliate marketing. If you have subscribed to my weekly newsletter then you will enjoy enjoying everything I have done in a week in your inbox.

You will get the answer to every query which came in your mind when you thought about these topics. Lastly, you will also get actionable advice from me on any social channel.

But who I am to teach you? What you have achieved yourself that you are guiding us?

I have been blogging for 3 years and I started blogging when I was 17 years old I guess you have guessed my age?

I am also a freelance writer who is working with clients most of the time. I have worked as a content marketer and SEO analyzer for small business owners remotely. I have experience in WordPress for 4 years and I usually read many case studies and tweak them to make them ready for my audience.

My Story

My story started when I was young and wanted to become a writer, when I use to read fiction stories and dramas of Shakespeare. The idea of being a writer sparked in my mind but I was not let by my parents to adopt this profession as it was considered somewhat a less economical.

So, I went into the engineering field and ended at me being a Mechanical Engineer. I started my first blog on bloggers which is the first committed mistake and then another when I quit as I was seeing no results in the beginning. I took 6 months of the gap and learned some necessary things like WordPress, SEO, content marketing etc and also I make myself ready for another cold welcome by the online world.

I started my blog again but it was hacked soon after I get some traffic from google and this time I get so frustrated that I wanted to quit LIFE. I cleaned my website again but in vain as hackers made that site available to be hacked in future at minimal effort. I could not afford to hire some professional.

Besides these, I kept on doing some work for clients at freelancing sites. But this time around I learned to code as I learned c++ initially then comes JAVAscript, then HTML and then CSS. This helped me in bringing a site like this by my own without anyone’s help.

As always, in the beginning, I faced many problems to keep the blog running beside many hurdles like studies, lack of funds and freelancing. But then I changed it to my hobby and eventually an investment which I hoped I would be proud of one day.

My Goals

My goal is clear by providing readers with quality and actionable content. I can assume that the content might be available online but I will combine it with my experience and tell each and everything while being transparent.

I have been in a situation where I bought courses online or even attended physical courses, but in the end, I was still asking myself where should I start? What I actually learned from it?

To be very honest with you guys, it is a bitter reality than many people online are there to make money even I want but they actually miss what are they doing for. They recommend some products or services and even sell their own digital products for the sake of making money not helping others.

I am a believer of providing nitty-gritty information which is useful for the audience not for the search engines. I tend to be a little harsh at time but that’s due to reasons which I mentioned earlier than I faced at the beginning of my career.

You will enjoy reading my content and at the end, you will be thinking like Man I am starting right now!

I would really appreciate your engagement in any form, as I love listening to people and answering them. I hope I have answered all your questions?

Feel free to contact me and say Hi! On any social platform and let me introduce you to my audience.