Affiliate Disclosure

Gosh! what is affiliate disclosure? I am not interested in legal stuff!

Well wait! The answer is NO…

Hi Anas here,

My purpose of this blog is to be transparent with you guys and brings new products and services for you to leverage.

In addition to that, I usually mention affiliate links of some reputable services which are not directly paying money as a sponsorship but I have personally tried their services and that’s why I recommend them.

But, I earn some commission when you take certain tasks( buy a product or sign-up to their services) and no additional cost to you.

In fact, by partnering with those services, I am able to provide my customer with discounts which are automatically applied at checkouts; Isn’t that great!

Not to mention, I don’t receive tons of money 🙁 for this instead, I receive some money to keep the blog running my paying all my bills and buying coffee to be proactive and keep giving you quality content.

Still have any questions?

Dont’t feel hasuitant and just reach out through contact page and I will answer you ASAP.

Cheers and Keep buying:)