How to post on Pinterest: Complete Beginners Guide

How to post on Pinterest: Complete Beginners Guide

How to post on Pinterest?

Anas! Are you serious?

This is very simple xd!

Yeah, you might be correct but many innocent ones commit silly mistakes on the way of posting pins!

Are you among those?

No problem, I was doing even doing worse practices when I started like “Not adding URL in the pin”.

But I have learned along the way…

If I can learn then you can also!

I will start will the Pinterest account. I hope you have created your Pinterest account.

I would suggest you go for a business account as it offers helpful tools like pin analytics, audience insights, widgets for your website, APIs and you can link your own website.

And the best part is that it is absolutely free!


On setting up the account, you are asked to select some topics of your interest.

Make sure you are selecting the right ones as per your interest and industry because it may affect how your pins are displayed in front of the right audience.


I would recommend you to install a Pinterest browser add on, as this will help you to save image on any website you visit and share it on your Pinterest profile.

How to post on Pinterest: Quick Tips

1. Pin Size

It is mentioned in the Pinterest starter guide also that your pin size must be at least 1000*1500 pixels.

Which means that you should always go with 1:2 size. Using this size help the pin to be responsive for various types of displays.

Your pin corners will not get pixelated/tarnished due to Pinterest auto-compression which takes place when you upload the pin.

2. Colour Scheme

Your color scheme matters a lot. This is the gateway of attracting visitors and increasing the CTR.

You might get confused in choosing the right color scheme?

Here is a simple solution…

Go to coolors and it will generate different types of random colors pattern for you. If you like any of then, just click the lock button, this way other columns will continue to change except the locked one.

How to post on Pinterest: Complete Beginners Guide

This way you can generate your optimal color pattern, but keep in mind when you choose any color scheme, just stick with it as your brand will be now be associated with those colors.

Obviously, you can change it at later stages, but for testing purpose, you have to use it on many pins to get accurate results.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.Always use light colors as they get way more attention than the dark ones.

2. Avoid red color as these colors get changed when you put in on your pin image. This is because Pinterest has an automated system which blocks red color as this color gets more attention.

3. Image Quality

The image quality of a pin matter a lot than anything. Don’t use an image from google as they are often of low quality and they may subject to copyright strikes.

Low-resolution images often get a few clicks from people. Pinterest can easily recognize low-resolution images, as a result, your pins are pushed much lower than they should be.

Instead, go for high-resolution stock photos. You can find plenty of pictures on pexels and unslash. If you want some unique experience then go for the premium one like Shutterstock.

4. Text Overlay

Do you know Pinterest algorithm can read text written on images?

Text overly can help increase your CTR by 23%. But it should be implemented correctly.

How to post on Pinterest: Complete Beginners Guide

Try to use normal and readable text instead of stylish and difficult to read the text.

You only have 2 sec to grab the attention of the reader, so using simple and readable text will help more in clicks than the funky ones.

How to post on Pinterest: Keywords Research

The most important step that most of the people are not doing is proper keyword research.

Do you know Pinterest is a search engine?

What most of the people think is just do keyword research for Google and that is enough!

This is wrong up to a certain extent.

You have to properly do keyword research for the Pinterest keywords so that your pin can rank higher in Pinterest searches.

Here are two methods that you can use for Pinterest keyword research:

1. Pinterest Search Bar

To start with this method just write the main keyword of your industry and Pinterest will show most searched terms in the colorful boxes below.

How to post on Pinterest: Complete Beginners Guide

If anyone of the term matches your blog post idea just select that one.

Now once you click on that term, you will again get very few more options.

Just further click to get more searched terms, this way you will narrow down your keyword into a long-tail keyword and you will have a better chance for ranking for that keyword.

2. Pinterest Keyword Tool

How to post on Pinterest: Complete Beginners Guide

I don’t really depend on these tools and not recommend this as it looks bit spammy.

Nonetheless, I have used these tools and found them to be effective.

This tool is very helpful when you are looking for a really quick way to do keyword research without taking pains.

Just enter your desired main keyword, and this will list top keywords with their search volume.

How to post on Pinterest: SEO overview

Like any other SEO, Pinterest SEO is also very important, as assures that users are getting the required results.

1. Title

The title of your pin should contain your focus keyword particularly in the beginning.

At the same time, don’t stuff your title with more than one keyword as this will ruin the user experience.

Don’t forget to make your title bit catchy to increase CTR. Try to include some emotional and powerful words in it.

2. Description

The most important part of Pinterest SEO is the pin description.

Your description should contain your focus keyword and semantically related keywords aka LSI keywords.

It is a good practice to use as many keywords as you can, but make them look natural and readable.

The same general SEO warning also applies here, don’t stuff description with keywords more than 4-5 and use them in a tactful manner.

3. Board Name

Have you ever done keyword research before giving a name to your board?

If not? No problem…

You can create a new board or you can simply change the board name by clicking on the small pencil icon near its name.

While it is recommended to use keyword in your board name, but if you cover different topics, then don’t bother to change it as you cant change name again for single blog posts.

4. Image alt text

Unlike, WordPress. Pinterest Don’t have the option for image alt text but you can add them to improve pin SEO.

When uploading the file to Pinterest, rename it with the required keywords as that will your alt tag.

I know it is formally image caption, but when alt tag is missing, then image caption is automatically used as alt text.

5. Anchor Text

It is always advised by SEO gurus, not to use URLs directly or under stuffed keywords.

This could negatively impact your ranking instead of positive outcomes.

So, use some meaningful text as a link anchor text in a natural way as now people are very intelligent in recognizing if this is simple text or a text with a URL.

6. Page title

Your page title tag (H1) should contain your focus keyword. It is recommended to display keyword in the beginning as that triggers the search engines more than keywords in the middle and at the end of the title.

Your page title should match with the pin title as Pinterest crawlers often follow the link which you use in your pins.

Also, your page URL formally slug should also have the focus keyword in it.

7. Page meta description

As for Google, this has lost its importance compared to the past, but a good meta description can increases CTR which is a ranking factor.

While, Pinterest also operates on the same principle but according to some Pinterest SEO experts, meta description of a page is also included as a ranking factor.

Being on the safe side, you should always optimize your meta description by including a short summary of your article with a focus keyword.

8. Using hashtags in the pin description

It is advised by Pinterest to use hashtags in your pins descriptions.

But most of the people cash on this opportunity and stuff the description with 10-15 hashtags which is wrong in terms of overall user experience. Apart from that, it is not very effective in terms of ranking well.

Use at-most 6-7 hashtags of keywords that you are targeting. These keywords include your targeted keyword and LSI keyword.

Try to use hashtags at the end of the description as they look good there instead at the beginning or in the middle.

9. Using Rich Pins

Pinterest has the option of rich pins. Using rich pins increases the chances of visibility in the search ranking.

Some people often avoid it because it demands 10 min extra while filling the additional field but it can surely pay off in the longer run.

Final Thoughts…

I know it was a boring article how to post on Pinterest but it is essential if you want to rank higher in the Pinterest results.

As always, SEO is a longer path and takes time but you will definitely see results faster than Google’s SEO while following the tips mentioned above.

Hope you have enjoyed it, feel free to ask anything in the comments below.


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