How to write faster: The Ultimate Guide 2019


Are you among those who are publishing new article after consuming more than 3 days and want some trick that How to write faster?

Fortunately, you are not alone facing this scenario. I have been in this situation, in fact, worse! where it usually took me 5 days to hit that publish button.

I remember I used to sit from morning till after-noon and then in the evening till midnight, and the end I was left with only 1000 words article with tons of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

But don’t worry, I have played out a plan that has helped me a lot and it will surely help you out.

Important: Although this plan will seem boring and time-consuming in the beginning when you apply, but as you use it, you will surely enjoy writing and your efficiency will be increased by 110%.

Note: This is a long article, I would suggest that you should bookmark it to read it later and digest slowly…


This plan constitutes of 3 major sections, between them there is a break ( sleep break is preferred). This way more ideas will come to your mind and hopefully, you will avoid monotonous and lethargy.

Section 1: Basic outline of important topics and sub-topics.

Section 2: Creating a shitty draft.

Section 3: And eventually publishing it after several rechecking.

But wait,

You might be going to hit the previous button of your browser thinking that I have got it all and I am up to it.

Yes, you are true but I have plenty more to share, and I am going to explain it further deeper to remove the guesswork.

Keep reading…

Here are three important steps

1. Content ideas to write faster

Have you ever planned your content before writing…

It’s ok if not, you can read my article of content ideas generation as I am not going to explain all that stuff here.

a. TOFU, MOFU, BOFU Technique

Have you changed your language, Anas?

Hahahaha, that’s true when I first heard these words.

Here are their explanatory meanings.

TOFU: What is a landing page and why do we need them?

MOFU: Elements of conversion-optimized page…

BOFU: Have to test all these i.e, A/B testing

Before writing anything ask these question with yourself and surely you will get what you want…

  • Start with your conversion goals!
  • What do people need to learn in your space?
  • What do they need to know, to be your ideal prospect?
  • How can you reach the top, mid and bottom of your funnel?

By answering these questions, you will surely reach some point where you will learn the art of how to write faster?

b. Do what others are doing

Yeah, you heard it right. You need to have a sneak eye to your competitors, look at what they are doing and what is driving them traffic.

I have a complete guide about this you can surely try that out. This will help you to learn the art of writing fast.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should copy everything that your competitors are doing.

Maybe they haven’t got results which they have tried and surely you can’t take the risk on other risks.

Just visit their blog and get the idea of what they are writing about. You can agree with them or you can contradict, but make sure to investigate thoroughly into it and give proof for the audience.

c. Actual Research

You can also perform actual Data-Driven Research. For this purpose, you can use buzzsumo as it is very good at giving you content ideas for writing faster.

Likewise, you can use AnswerThePublic and Ahrefs as per your choice.

Answer The Public

d. Types of Content

It will become a lot easier when you plan which type of content you are going to be publishing.

It will save you plenty of time and thus it will answer you how to write faster.

Here are the main types of contents out there:

Epic Content: This is the type of content that people love to talk about it and this content receives lots of shares. Like, Ultimate Guides etc.

Conversion Content: As the name suggests, this type of content is used for the purpose of influencing others and make them do certain actions like, Selling a digital product or getting email addresses.

Reference Content: This is the type of content which is usually referred to in other blog posts. This serves as the pillar content on your blog.

This content is usually long-form thorough content which provides a good opportunity for internal linking Like, Many blogs have blog posts on How to start a blog which serves as the reference content.

Product Updates: This type of content usually covers the content of reviewing other products and services which they use and recommend to their audience.

Bottom line…

While you might have thought that I should only publish Epic Content, as it is more useful and productive.

This idea is totally wrong as this type of content consumes more time and your audience will be less engaged and this will eventually hurt you for getting ROI.

A good practice…

The idea is that you should be publishing each type of content, this way you would be targeting every type of audience and you will also check which type of content is actually working for you.

By deciding the type of content, you will surely learn how to write faster.

2. Process of how to write faster

The writing process is divided into some important instruction that will bring uniformity in your writing process.

Are you reading up till now?

Hmm not so sure!…

I know its boring stuff, but we have to do it to ensure our writing is super fast.

a. Clear Deadlines

If you are just writing without having a clear deadline, then I am dead sure you will take more time finishing that task.

Your deadline should be in the near future like you say I am going to finish this draft by tomorrow morning at 10 am sharp. This will speed up your writing process.

It doesn’t mean that you have to complete each task every time, it is a high probability that you might not achieve it but it will surely help you to be in your toes.

b. Outline the main and sub-topics

This method is being told by the majority of writers and they usually recommend them when answering how to write faster questions.

Think like you are writing and you forgot the main information that you had to discuss. Consequently, you have to write again to include that information …bam time wasted!

You can use your notepad for jotting down the points.


I use Trello which is a free tool and is really helpful. Some people also recommend Evernote, but you have to decide whichever suits you best!


Furthermore, you have to check these boxes also;

  • Make a list of action steps
  • CTA (every post should have its aim)
  • Media ( images, videos, podcast etc)

I hope you have gone by now 🙂

Following me…Great!

These points will help how to write faster.

c. Writing your first shitty Draft

Consider it as my highly focused points. Writing your first draft takes very less time, I know it will be full of typos and grammatical error, but that’s fine.

Your first draft will give the direction of your content and most importantly you will able to write everything which comes in your mind.

These might be raw ideas, but there is the next step coming in which you will be filtering that raw text.

c. Break( Most Important)

By this time, you must be tired enough.

Just take a deep breath and leave you screen J

I would recommend that you should take a little nap as it refreshed your mind more than anything else…even more than coffee…

Go and take at least 1-2 break so that when you return, you have a fresh mind and I am sure your perspective of your blog post will change.

Taking breaks not only helps how to write faster but also helps to increase your productivity.

You can make changes to the draft at the later stage, and also make your content ready to be published.

3. The road from good to awesome content

I am sure you always wanted to write such type of content which people love to share with their friends.

Luckily, it is not that difficult as you might have thought.

Just follow this checklist and you will be amazed at results:

a. Cutting, editing and removing things

This the fundamental thing of creating good quality content. You should edit, edit and re-edit your content.

Everyone makes mistakes while editing you not only remove those but also makes your thoughts convey the message better.

b. Cutting boring paragraphs

Let’s be honest here, many people don’t like boring content. They tend to leave it when they don’t find your content to be interesting.

Remove unnecessary information, and keep your sentences to the point. Avoid long stories that have no direct connection with what you are discussing.

c. Reference and Citation

Generally speaking, people like authentic information which is justified.

So, whenever you want to include any matrix, mention their source properly.

This way your audience will think that you have done some research in bring that content.

d. Short and Simple paragraphs

Your paragraphs should be no more than 3 lines. This confuses the people and reduces reading capabilities. They leave without taking any actions.

Avoid jargon and use simple vocabulary which can be understood by everyone out there.

e. Add Testimonials, Screenshots, Stories etc

These are very important as they show your credibility in front of the audience.

This helps in increasing the conversion and gives a personal touch to your audience.

Stories help you reach the pain point of your readers, as a result, they can relate with you which helps in building trust. 

f. Add Design Elements

The design elements include but are not limited to adding tables, icons, highlighting boxes and giving pros and cons.

I might have missed something but you can clearly have an idea how to make you blog post super attractive.

You can also include infographics but go for a custom one as they get more engagement than generic ones.

You can use stock images or a custom one depending on your choice and deciding which is working for you.

g. Constantly Updating Old Content

Writing is not about a one-time process. You have to make changes over time to maintain google ranking.

Google loves new and updated content, so make changes over time and make your content evergreen.

You can take help from google webmaster tool in this regard as it helps you to track down your positions.


Writing content faster is no more myth from now onwards. You can follow these simple steps and it will surely help you to write faster and more effective.

Just a quick recap, first you need to have content ideas and then you need a writing process in which you will lay down your goals and set small milestones.

Then you need to follow Super Tips to make you content even better.

I believe I have addressed your problem and from nowonwards you don’t have to ask to others how to write faster.

If you have any ambiguity left, feel free to ask in the comments and I will be answering them ASAP.

Kindly share it with your friends to help me reach out to more people like you.


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