This is how writers make money: The Ultimate Guide

how writers make money

I get this question quite often as “How writers make money” while some still wonder if writers can actually make money?

Yes, writers make money and even quite well from other online earning resources out there but I know most people do it all wrong which result in nothing but frustration.

I agree there are numerous writers out there and most of them are willing to write for free or under-sell their services. But this doesn’t mean writers have no earning scope instead you have to knock the right doors for this to happen.

I know the pain of being a writer, you are paid in pennies for all the hard work you put in crafting an amazing piece of content.

People who are out there on the internet misguide others for their small personal interest.


Don’t worry, In this post, I am going to show some legit ways to make money as a writer and earn a full living.

Note: These are tried and tested techniques that helped many writers till now, hope this will help you also. I know these techniques will take some time to kick-off in the beginning but you will surely reap good results afterwards.

I have a lot to cover, so that’s why this post will be brief and crisp:)

Quick Ways: How writers make money

Here is the list of RELATIVELY quick ways to start earning as a writer. These are actually not the quickest, but it takes quite less time to implement than others that I will be discussing later.

1. Starting a blog

If you want to start making money as a writer, then start a blog. I know many people will disagree with me saying it takes a lot more time building a successful blog.

Yeah, I know but think like that…

There will be no one who will accept your piece of writing to be displayed on their site. You need to have some sort of prior experience and good writing skills.

Blog not only have earning potential among itself but it will your online home. After writing for some time, you will surely improve your writing while you can make a section of the portfolio to attract freelance clients which I am going to discuss later.

In short, start your first very blog and start writing, this will be your first step towards success( paid as a writer)

2. Guest Posting

I know most of you will be thinking about guest posting is a link-building strategy for the blog.

But here is the trick…

You know many sites pay a writer for writing a guest post?

Yeah, you heard it right. In fact, I have seen some of them which pay quite a lot.

But you will have a question, what will be there a requirement?

Just a well-crafted pitch. Yeah, that’s it. Some may require you to submit a sample of your work while the rest just don’t ask for it.

Pro Tip: Before applying for a proposal, just look at the content on the site. You will find popular content in the side-bars or in the Editor’s pick section. Just go through it and look at what writing style they are using? Are they in-depth or brief? What are their in-bound linking strategy? If you find a guest post by some other person, go through it also. Lastly, implement your findings in crafting a pitch while there will be a higher chance of acceptance.

3. Paid Membership Posts

How often you come across websites that generously pay writers?

Little to none, actually the websites offering these services are a business that wants to promote their business through content writing.

As according to resources, content quality is the top preference of companies as it drives their potential customers and eventually sales.


How can I find these opportunities?

Simple, look around software or tool you are using, there is a high probability that those companies would be looking for writers.

Example, If you are in the email marketing niche, you might know Hubspot, Convertkit, Aweber, Sendinblue, etc. These are all good companies which accept new writers.

Or you can search in google like “ your niche + write for us” or and you will find plenty of sites. 

how writers make money

Note: Only apply for those who have mentioned their prices for the piece of content otherwise they might be free.

The major advantage of writing for bigger firms is they can permanently add you in their writer’s team, you get more exposure, and you can build your portfolio.

4. Freelance Job Posting Sites

If you are thinking I will provide you a list of freelancing sites like guru, upwork or Fiverr?

Then you are wrong!

I don’t like these sites personally because there is a lot of competition and most desperate freelancing are selling their services very cheap. Resultantly, you will always get clients that are not willing to pay more than $10!

I know many people have succeeded working on these sites and are now getting well paid, but they have traded a lot more time to get there.

Here is a substitute for this…

Freelancing Job posting boards;

They are job posting sites that are usually free for freelancers while advertisers have to pay a nominal fee. The best part is you can respond to every ad and send your cold pitch to them. These platforms will not limit you whatsoever and won’t compel you to buy their premium membership (if any) and you will earn as a freelancer.

Mostly you will get good clients as they are used by top bloggers and editors. 

What I like most about these sites is that they have very low competition. They are somewhat hidden from a massive crowd of freelancers. Mostly jobs only get a few proposals…

What are the best platforms?

Here are my recommended choice

  1. Problogger
  2. BloggingPro
  3. Contena
  4. Craigslist
  5. Indeed
  6. Freelance Writing

Confused? Continue reading, I will provide my suggestion at the end:)

5. Coaching or Training

Here is the last option( in my list otherwise opportunities are endless) which you can use to make a living as a beginner writer.

Coaching or training is the best source which you can utilize to earn some money even if you have a limited audience.

Most pro writers recommend it to be the first choice. It can be high pay depending on the results that you can provide to your clients.

Your clients can be your students also, which comprises of one on one training sessions either on skype or Line. 

Your work-load will be less as compared to other methods but you have to have a strong grip in your profession and the thing you are talking out.

How to acquire these clients?

Most probably these clients come to you by themselves because they may be reading your content and they found out that you are the one who can resolve their issue.

But you don’t have to sit idle either…

You should create a landing page and direct traffic to it. Now, this is where blog comes handy. You would already have a small following or a larger one depending on your ability to expand, so you can easily promote to them. 

I also recommend adding your landing page link in your social profiles as many people are looking for their ideal coach on social media.

Little Time demanding: Earning as a writer

Now, it’s time to discuss some long-term strategies that are also bigger in earning potential but you need to be a little expert before starting these:

1. Publishing a book(kindle)

Most people say “Kindly publishing is dead”

They are wrong. I know many writers who start out face a difficult time in the beginning but as you grow chances of being the ‘best selling authors increase.

The books available on kindly are cheap rather very cheap.

So, people think it’s not worth their time and effort to write a book and sell it for pennies.

But have you thought what millions of pennies make?

According to resources, Amazon kindles are read across the world with millions of buyers each day. That means you just create a book and watch it going like a breeze.

You heard it right, it is a great passive income source, while you don’t have to update it regularly like any other service. You might need to respond to people’s responses to ensure good reviews are being left, but it hardly takes 20 mins daily.

So, I would highly recommend publishing kindle but don’t set up to high expectations. Just write it and left it on its own to grow.

2. Selling e-course

Many bloggers and entrepreneurs start selling their courses which is one of the awesome ways to create passive income asset.

But it requires a deep knowledge of your field and strong marketing strategy.

How can I sell courses?

There are two ways you can utilize for selling courses.

1.Self-Hosted Platforms: These platforms require membership before allowing you to sell anything using them. But the key benefit is that you have control over everything. 

You can have courses hosted on your own subdomain like, which looks very professional. Some good platforms are Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, etc.

The only downside of going through this way is that you will have to promote it yourself, this can be a problem if you have a small reading followers.

2. Free Platforms: Now you may hear of Udemy, Lynda, and Skillshare. These are                 free platforms for anyone to join and your courses will be hosted on them.     

The downside side is, while your content is being hosted there, they carry the right to remove it, so don’t get surprised when you wake up and see bam! The course is down.

While this is a rare chance, but the risk of violating their terms will always be there.

Final Thought: I would encourage you to go with free platforms when you are starting out, but as go grow, you can shift to self-hosting platforms. 

3. Becoming a copywriter

Hey, I am already a writer? Yeah! I know everyone is writer among themselves but you have to polish your inside writer.

I meant by this is that you have to learn to Copywriting from every perspective to attract clients.

Quick Tip: If you are attracting more lead and conversion through your writing, then Congratulations! You are a copywriter.

At least I am NOT!

This is not a matter of courses or books, instead, it is a gradual process in which you have to write a lot before understanding the art reading people’s minds.

You can take free courses in the beginning with some book, afterward it is a process of trial and error, in short, ‘Experience’.

4. Entering writing contest

Have you heard about a writing contest? Al-least I haven’t before writing this post.

There is regular writing contest for writers. They are mostly similar to other contest like graphic designs, web-designs, even eating 🙂

You have to compete with writers all-round the world.

Don’t worry, the competition won’t be much harder.

But why?

Because many people don’t know about it or the contest you are entering. That means, you will be going to compete with limited people and most of them will be the newbie.

Where can I find these opportunities?

Just go to google and search “ your niche + contest” or “Your niche + challenge” and you will find many search results.

how writers make money

The major benefits are you can showcase this achievement on your profile or website and you can also get a prize, which is occasionally a huge amount.

Isn’t it a great option? Tell me in the comments

Wrapping it Up…

I would suggest you start with the blog, this way you would be opening various income streams while at the same time building your following.

Then you can implement any monetization tactic. While I would say that  “Little time demanding” ways have more earning potential but I won’t recommend it in the beginning, as I have seen many people losing hope and patience and in the end giving up:(

I hope you enjoyed it…


how writers make money

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