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name of the blog

Choosing the name of the blog was the most daunting task that I had to face at the time of starting a blog.

Now, after spending more than 3 years in this industry, I can conclude that choosing a blog name doesn’t matter as much as we think of.

But you should choose something that has meaning in it so anyone reading the name of your blog can understand what this blog is about.

I see many people waste too much time while deciding the name of a blog which is not justified considering its importance and actual work that you should be doing at that time.

Before choosing the name of blog, answer these following questions so it would be easy for you to come with a brilliant blog names.

What your blog is about?

I think it is the most important question that you should ask yourself.

What my blog is about?

I assume that you have decided your niche and have done keyword research which you are going to blog about. Your blog can be about ‘Personal Finance’, ‘Health and Nutrition’, ‘Personal Development’, ‘ Automobile’ etc.

This will make your task easier and will help you narrow down your thoughts to a catchy blog name.

What is your target audience?

I started my blog to earn money on the side and I can assume that you have started your blog for this purpose too which is not bad.

But for achieving this purpose you must know what is your target audience?

You can’t sell products or your courses to a teenager which are meant for an adult. Moreover, you won’t be selling baby products to college students instead of Moms. Also, students will not be interested in car insurance than adults.

So, before choosing your blog name, you should just look forward and think of your audience.

I know this seems difficult task as I felt the same but it doesn’t involve mathematical calculations or high vision.

Pro tip: Just focus on products that you would be selling and make relation with gender and different age groups.

You can further narrow down your target audience after seeing the behavior of traffic after launching your blog.

What will be your writing Tone?

Blogs and freelance writing are of a conversational tone which helps in engaging with the audience without making them bored.

But many people are in some serious niches like ‘Legal Advisors’, ‘Career Counselors’, etc in which you have to be formal and show seriousness.

This is important as you should not choose any casual name of your blog if it doesn’t suit your targeted niche.

Are you interested in making it a Brand?

Most people start a blog with no intention of making it a brand which is fine. But if you are interested in making a brand in future then choose a brandable name.

Like, you don’t have to have to come up with vulgar sort of blog name which will make your marketing campaign a challenge.

This situation is faced by many people, as a result, they rebrand their business which is like starting from start and is very painful.

So, being my reader my advice would be to focus on your target and choose a brandable name.

Pro Tip: Every blog is a brand in itself. Don’t make this step difficult for you as anything can be made a brand. Think about brand name around yourself and you will realize some brand name doesn’t make sense but that is not affecting their business.

Do you plan to change the niche in the future?

I started my first blog as a ‘personal finance’ that’s why my blog name is “finances work” but soon I realized that I was not interested in it anymore.

So I changed my niche to earning money through blogging. But I kept the name same to avoid myself from the pain of rebranding and blog name wasn’t bad enough to drop out.

Choose your blog name such that you have the choice to change in future if you wish to. Select the open-ended name of blog but if you are dying heart fan of your niche, then skip this process.

7 basic features to consider when choosing the name of the blog

Your blog name should have the following features so it can be differentiated from a crowd of 4 million blogs published every day on the internet.

1. Short and Catchy

Your blog name should be short and crisp. According to some blogging experts, your blog name should be less than 15 characters and not more than 3 words.

In my opinion, go for 2 words at max as two-words are easy to remember than longer words.

Your name should be eye-catching and should reflect energy in it.

Choosing some power words will also make your name more attractive. Sumo has listed a huge collection of power words that you can check out.

2. Avoid numbers and special characters

How often do you come up with blog name in google search having a number or a special character in its name.

In the past, people opted for these sort of name but due to search engine algorithmic changes, these names are now considered as spam.

Some famous websites like 10beasts and blogging101 have this issue and were de-ranked huge after google updates beside writing content fast.

Likewise, having these sort of name make it difficult to pronounce and write. You cannot orally tell someone your name instead you have to spell out each word which is very annoying.

Numbers in words are considered slang and unprofessional which can repel your potential clients.

3. Choosing right TLD

You should choose a recognizable blog name. TLD stands for” Top-level domain” meaning ending of your domain.

At present there are many extensions like .com, org, .net, gov etc. These extensions were the ranking factor in the search engines.

Extensions like xyz, .fun,.ly, etc are new into the industry and mostly considered spam by many people even though they are not.

If you are a blogger like me, I would recommend you to choose .com, .net or .co extensions being on the safer side, but if you are a non-profit organization, then .org would be better. You can also choose .net if your required domain is not available.

Think like that many people type .com with every URL unintentionally considering it a part of URL. So, you can miss out these clients as they won’t find your website 🙂

4. Easy to pronounce and remember

Every one in a while I can across blog names that are difficult to read and pronounce. This is because it contains words from other languages. English being a global language should be your focus while choosing a name.

I am not saying that you should not be creative, but you at least choose a name that must be read in less than 2 sec by your readers.

Not to mention, it is found that unusual blog names are remembered more than the usual name. So, the name you are thinking is great, just go for it.

5. Contains the target keyword of your niche

I know most of you would be thinking that this factor is ruled out search engines ranking factors but I am not interested in that sense.

Your target keywords in your blog name gives the audience a clue about your blog and it makes it easier for them to remember.

People usually associate the blog name with the niche they are targeting. So, in case people forget the niche of your blog they can find it right in the blog name itself.

Like talking about SEO, these names come in my mind MOZ, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, etc.

This will help you in building authority in your niche that will improve your business.

6. Keeping your blog name broad

As discussed before, your blog name should target a niche but that should not be too specific which will make it difficult to change in the future.

Like if you are targeting shoes than your ideal niche blog names should be like ‘Black suede shoes’ or ‘Jogging shoes for beginners’ but these specific terms like’ Black shoes for adults under age 35’ or ‘Black shoes for Mom with three children’ are not a good choice.

I know I have exaggerated but you have understood my point. Targeting too specific niche can hurt your search engine ranking since it would be difficult to target that particular terms again and again in every blog post.

7. Don’t be misleading

By this, I don’t mean to avoid spam instead your blog name should not be confusing in terms of spelling and pronunciation.

Many creatives around us choose different forms of spelling which looks good but people find it difficult to get there.

Take an example of Flickr, their pronunciation suggests spellings to be flicker. In the end, they have to buy both domains and redirected to Flickr to avoid losing customers.

Matthew Woodward, a renowned SEO expert, his blog name is matthewwoodward.co.uk which make people think, Hmm! Should I write ‘W Twice or single time (I faced the same issue:) )

Before deciding blog name, look for the spelling in the URL tab aka lowercase combined as it tell whether name it difficult to read or not.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing a blog name should not be the primary focus as it can easily burn your precious time but you should take the above consideration into account.

You need to look for your target audience, their interest, your writing style and making a brand (if so) in the future.

Then you should choose blog name which is catchy, easy to remember and pronounce, contains your niche keyword while avoiding numbers and special characters in it.

Hope I have resolved your issue in choosing the name of the blog. Do share your ideas of blog name in the comments and I would love to reply with a suggestion for improvement (if any).


name of the blog

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